About the Burnettes

The single greatest joy of my life is the crazy crew depicted in the photograph above!  Let me take a minute to introduce them to you! (That way when I talk about them in my posts you will be able to shake your head knowingly as you read!)

First there is my husband, Chris.  I would say that he perfectly embodies the idea of the strong, silent type. Of course some folks would say he is silent because he can’t get in a word edgewise living with me!  Chris and I have been married for twenty years and his love, loyalty and dedication to his family are a blessing beyond compare!

Our oldest son, Zachary, is a paramedic and firefighter.  He is a double threat being both handsome and brave! We are so very proud of the man that he has become and the heart he has for serving others.  In December of 2016, Zachary married sweet Gabriella and we are overjoyed to welcome her into our family!  She is incredibly intelligent and has elevated family game night to a whole new level!

Our daughter, Chloe, is a senior in high school this year.  She is smart, beautiful, and the most sincerely empathetic person I know. And the girl can SING!!  She is in the throes of trying to decide which college that she wants to attend in order to pursue a degree in nursing and midwifery. We can’t wait to watch life unfold for her; it is going to be great!

Our youngest son, Aidan, is a seventh grader and will be thirteen in just a few weeks.  (Please bow your head for a moment of prayer.)  This boy, as you might ascertain from the photograph above, keeps us in constant stitches.  His heart is as big as his smile; and he is my go-to person when something like the vacuum cleaner or snow blower doesn’t work.  He is Mr. Fix It!

Rounding out our family is a Schnoodle named Lilly and a fat cat named Rico.  They completely believe that they are a vital part of our family (they are sure that we couldn’t live without them) and never for a second let us believe otherwise!

As for myself, I am a wife, mom and a middle school assistant principal.  To say that my days are hectic would be a gross understatement, but they are most certainly never boring!  My favorite thing to do, other than spend time with my family, is to speak and teach at women’s ministry events.  There is nothing like being in the room with a bunch of women, laughing, talking and worshiping God!

So, that is my family; warts and all.  They make my heart hurt I love them so much.  (They also exasperate me, give me headaches and make me want to lose my mind…but that is for another post at a later time!)