Call Home!

Something awful has happened.

I think that my son has had a tragic accident rendering his thumbs completely useless!

Yes, that must be it.

He must have had a horrible accident and he is just afraid to tell me because he knows how I worry. That would explain his lack of ability to text his mom, or return any of my texts or calls; right?!

I mean, why else would he ignore my calls and texts? Bless his heart! He is injured…I just know it!


The truth is that my son is very busy with a fast-paced career and a brand-new baby. I really don’t blame him for not calling home very often, but I sure do miss talking to him. I miss hearing about his day and how things are going in his life. I miss having the opportunity to tell him how proud I am of him and how deeply I love him!

Thank goodness, he has a wonderful wife! Without her I might NEVER know how he is doing!

In direct contrast to my son’s obvious inability to dial a phone, I call MY parents almost every day! I am so fortunate that I can still call them and tell them about all the craziness of my day, and hear about the things going on in their lives.

My mom is my partner in crime, and can always be counted on to be righteously indignant about anything upsetting me, while offering encouragement and support. My daddy is my fountain of knowledge and ever listening ear; and reminds me often that no matter how old I get, I will always be his little girl.

Yes, there is something deeply comforting in the ability to call home. In the ability to stay connected and have your spirit bolstered while being reminded firmly of who you are and whose you are! No matter that I am a grown woman with a grandchild of my own (It is my first grand-baby, so of course there must be a shameless plug), it is always good to call home.

I know another parent that loves to have his children call home!

Our heavenly Father anxiously waits to hear from us!

Oh, how he misses talking to us when we get consumed in our business and forget to take a moment to “call home” and chat.

He misses hearing about our day; about our worries and our concerns. He is ready and waiting to be our perfect sounding board and listening ear.

Each and every day, he listens eagerly and expectantly for us to call on him so he can remind us of how deeply he loves us, and how very proud he is that we are his children. To embed in us once more who we are and whose we are.

He has plans for our lives that he wants to share with us. He has encouragement for our weary days and a heart of celebration for our days of joy. He knows our burdens; and wants to lighten our loads and give us direction and guidance.

But he is too polite to impose…

So he waits…

He waits and he longs for us…

He waits…

For us to call home.




About andanotherthing3

I am a wife, a mother, an assistant principal and a work in progress!
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