Water Cat

We have a very strange cat.

When we rescued him from the animal shelter a few years ago, we knew he was more personable than most cats, as he loves to be right where we are; constantly seeking a good scratching and a lap snuggle. What we didn’t know about our new-found pet was that he loves water! That’s right, water! I am not talking about water in a bowl, I am talking about running water! I was under the impression that cats didn’t like water. Have I been mistaken all these years? All I know is that Ricco, our crazy cat, loves, loves, loves running water! If I am washing dishes, Ricco hops up on the counter and puts his head in the sink, and bats at the water running out of the faucet. If I am taking a shower, Ricco will paw at the shower door because he wants in, and when denied entry will curl up on the bath mat, waiting for the moment the door opens so he can jump into the still steaming shower stall; lapping up water from the shower floor. When my daughter showers and all that separates her and Ricco is a shower curtain, Ricco just hops right on into the shower with her! He is one ridiculous cat!

One of the more unnerving things that Ricco does around water is that he insists on chaperoning me every time I take a bath. (Finally got my children grown enough to let me bathe in peace and now I must contend with a cat chaperone!) Just about the time I ease back into the scalding water, and release a breath of relaxation, I hear insistent purring in my ear as Ricco is perched right on the edge of the tub! He then proceeds to put his paws in the water one at a time and then licks the water from them. Let’s just say that the sound of a cat continuously licking its paws is not exactly conducive to peace or relaxation! He also loves to walk along the edge of the tub, around and around; occasionally popping a paw into the water, and trying to discern if he could possibly maneuver his way into my lap while I am in the tub! One day this is going to end VERY BADLY! All I can think about, as he circles the tub, is that he has very sharp claws and my only defense is wet skin and a prayer! The day he falls in off the side it is going to be a scrambling race to see which one of us can evacuate the tub first! Lord help us all!

Now before you assume that my poor cat is seeking water because he doesn’t have a water bowl or fresh water to drink; let me assure you that his water bowl is kept filled to the rim with the hopes that he will get his water fix there. To no avail however, as the ONLY bowl that Ricco will drink from is the dog’s water bowl!
Sweet goodness; I give up! Why is it that my cat is constantly seeking water from the wrong sources?

For that matter; why do WE continue to seek water from the wrong sources?

There is only one source of living water. One source of water that will completely quench our thirst and ease our striving; but we consistently seek this source of purity, this source of life giving sustenance, from an imperfect and sinful world.
Jesus has invited us to bring our thirst, our desire for fulfillment to him; the source of living water, flowing from the very heart of God. We have only but to accept him and allow the Spirit to pour forth into our lives.

There IS a perfect source of LIVING water. Life giving, life sustaining water.
No need to search in all the wrong places.

But whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life. John 4:14


About andanotherthing3

I am a wife, a mother, an assistant principal and a work in progress!
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